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BMW M5 HPDE/Track Car/Street Legal

Well the time has come to move on to club racing and my HPDE BMW M5 beast is going to have to go. I am the second owner of this 2002 BMW M5 (E39), I purchased it out of Atlanta, […]

Well the time has come to move on to club racing and my HPDE BMW M5 beast is going to have to go. I am the second owner of this 2002 BMW M5 (E39), I purchased it out of Atlanta, GA from BMW Global Imports with 48,000 miles and 100,000 mile warranty. It has been by the far the best car I have every owned.
Over my years of ownership, I started modifying the beast to one day take it to track day events. I started with the exhaust by adding a Super Sprint x-pipe and Super Sprint Magnum cans, what an awesome. I then added a set of 19” BBS LM’s. Then I replaced the stock suspension with a set of Bielstein PSS9 adjustable dampering coilovers, Ground Control camber plates. Replaced the stock swaybars with Eibach front and rear and Beast Power swaybar mounts. Added a BMW E60 short shift kit. Drove it like this as my daily driver for several years. All service and maintainance was done by Hendrick BMW located here in Charlotte, NC.
In 2012, I added an Evolve Alpha N stage 3 tune, Evolve Medusa headers, 200 Cell Evolve free flow cats and cold air intake. Bypassed the secondary air supply, relocated the ITA sensor. Man what a difference!!
All so in 2012 had the car completely sprayed to the original titanium silver color, added front splitters and open grill with vented brake ducts.
In 2013 added Brembo GT1/GT3 big brake kits with slotted rotors. That included Performance Friction PFC01’s and PFC08’s along with SS brake lines. Installed, two Recaro XL Profile racing seats.
Ran several events in 2013-2014 at many tracks, Virginia International Raceway, Carolina Motorsports Park, Road Atlanta, Barber Motorsports Park. I moved up quickly through the HPDE groups with such groups as; BMWCCA Tarheel, BMWCCA Peachtree, Rezoom Motorsports, Flat Out Motorsports, Asphalt Adventures, NASA, Turn One Motorsports. I’m currently at the top of all run groups and one of the fast drivers on track.
The beast is wicked fast, not many can keep up or pass me, regardless in the turns or straights.
I have a youtube.com site with many videos if you are interested in see some of just what this beast is capable of.
2015 I decided to go full in and make this beast my dedicated track car. Started with replacing the engine that had 180,000 miles with a newer 57,000 mile engine as well as the differential from the same donor car, I replaced all CPS sensors, spark plugs and many gaskets. Replaced all fluids, gear oil transmission oil.
Did a complete overhaul of the suspension and replaced every bushing with Power Flex, replace all control arms, replace all ball joints, transmission mounts, slave cylinder, motor mounts, power steering hoses, all hoses and belts.
Replaced the clutch with a UUC twin disk clutch with aluminum lightweight flywheel, added a Zionsville aluminum radiator with two stage electric fan all work done by Todd Newcomer Mechanical Engineer at Greazy Todd’s Garage and help from Gary Gray with Bimmerworld…
All I can say, is that this is one super nice car, interior is in excellent condition, I still have most of the original parts to include the seats, brakes, sway bars, etc. I have well over $60,000 in this build and feel it would just be wrong to make this beast into a stripper.
I’m sure I’m missing a lot and have spares but not listed.

A set of Apex ARC8’s 18×10 275/35/18 Nitto

I’m sure I’m missing many items, any items in question were replace regardless if they needed to our not. The car is full loaded with every option you could get on the car.

Carolina Motorsport Park – 1:51.8 Lap

Virginia International Raceway – 2:15.10 Lap