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1974 BMW 2002 Racecar

This car has been in our family for almost 15 years now. We got it as a non-rolling shell from PA state, and it has slowly been transformed into the solid little racer it is today. I’ll gladly discuss the […]

This car has been in our family for almost 15 years now. We got it as a non-rolling shell from PA state, and it has slowly been transformed into the solid little racer it is today. I’ll gladly discuss the backstory on the car over the phone, and why it has what it has on it for additions and modifications for any serious buyer. I have run it with the Canadian Vintage group called Varac, and its subcategory named G70+ which is a run group for cars in various states of prep, active years between 1973 to 1989.


The body is a 1974, automatic. Euro front turn signal lenses. Vitaloni mirrors. The bodywork utilizes front fenders, Turbo style flares, Turbo front spoiler, rear trunk lip, and shorty rear bumper, all in fiberglass. The rest of the body is still original metal, although the trunklid framework is cut out. Also, the entire trunk floor has been removed for the installation of an ATL fuel cell. All glass, window winders, and almost all rubber seals are present, as well as interior door cards, roofliner, and dashboard. The roll cage was fabricated by my Father and I, simple 6 point design, all bolt-in, with two door bars per side. 1.5x.095 DOM. Front frame rails in the engine bay have had some work done to them, mostly to remove the heavy gusseting of the original big bumper shocks. All trim holes filled around the car. There are spots of rust that have been patched here and there, nothing much bigger than a few square inches. Rear shock towers replaced by the previous owner in the ’90s. The paint was done by myself, and thus isn’t the best, but it looks great for a racer, a couple feet away. The dark red is vinyl wrap.


The original idea for this car was to have a Turbo M10, but this plan was shelved a few years ago, and the car now has a complete (and stock) M42B18 engine from a ’91 318is. The engine has unknown mileage, although it runs well and pulls decent. No smoke or anything strange. Transmission is a Getrag unit from a 95 318, also with unknown mileage, but shifts well in all gears without any drama. The driveshaft is a custom length piece, and that mates to a limited-slip differential from an ’83 320is. Halfshafts are also 320 items, with 2002 CVs on the outer side to mate to the original spindles in the trailing arms. The diff cover has extra fins welded on it for cooling. The header is the original M42 unit, with some strategic cuts and additions to clear the steering system. From the downpipe back, it is 3″ with a resonator and two mufflers.


A lot of the suspension is custom made by my Father, and these items include both front and rear brake caliper adapters, bigger front strut tubes (Tii spindles), complete front camber plates, reinforced front lower control arms, complete tie rods with spherical joints, front wheel hubs with bigger center hubs so the wheels run hubcentric, rear hub OD are machined to fit inside the disc hat, boxed-in rear trailing arms with flared holes, solid subframe bushings (w/bigger support brackets to floor), solid trailing arm bushings, and solid differential mounts. The shocks are Koni top adjustable units, and paired with 400# front springs, and 350# rear springs which give a nicely balanced, neutral handling trait. Brakes as I touched on earlier uses calipers… both front and rear using E30-sourced items which have great pad availability and well priced. Front discs are the vented E30 items, and the rears are solid from a VW. Master cylinder is also from an E30. Hubs have 14mm wheel studs pressed in. The front sway bar is an aftermarket unit, and the entire front end has urethane bushings. No rear sway bar. All flex lines for the brake system are braided.


Wheels are 15×8 Axis brand wheels, offset of 25, although with the spacers the effective offset is around 10 or so if I recall. Tires are Nitto NT01 225/45/15.


Custom dead pedal and gas pedal, gas pedal converted to cable style from the original linkage system, slightly lowered steering column, AMB transponder, Teamtech window net, kill switch with external pull, custom gauge cluster utilizing original RPM gauge and surrounded by VDO gauges. Recaro SPG seat on sliders, Sabelt FIA harnesses, Safecraft fire suppression. Weight fluctuates around 2150, depending on fuel load, no driver. Interior has provisions for a passenger seat mounting/harness, but never used.

The car has a valid CASC logbook with a current Annual Tech, however as I write this, there was one thing required that I missed that needs to rectified before the next time the car sees the track, and that is window clips for the front and rear windows. This, plus a few odds and ends (breather for the diff, etc) will be taken care of in the next week or so. The only item that is an issue that I haven’t got around to remedying is a fuel starvation issue that appears somewhere below half a tank. I will be more than happy to discuss everything and anything about the car to any potentially serious buyer over the phone. The steering wheel will be changed to a smaller Momo-style wheel, as the BMW steering wheel in the pictures has some sentimental attachment to me. Car will be sold with the logbook and a bill of sale. Priced at $15.5k USD, or $20k CDN. Transportation and Import (if applicable) are the buyers responsibility. For contact, email me anytime at craz _ azn AT hotmail DOT com (remove spaces). If calling, please call during the day, EST. (905)SIX 2 SIX 0360. Thanks!