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With over 50 years combined experience in designing, building and supporting networks and IT infrastructure the RacerConnect team specializes in leveraging existing technologies in new and creative ways bringing value and exposure to the Grassroots Motorsports drivers, fans and sponsors.

Kyle Bacon

Position: Chief Executive Officer
Location: Washington, DC

Mr. Kyle Bacon is one of the founders of Racer Connect and provides vision and technical expertise to the company.

Harold Jones

Position: Chief Technology Officer
Location: Washington, DC

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Caleb Meadows

Position: Event Operations Director
Location: Washington, DC

A born and raised adrenaline junkie Caleb joined the RacerConnect team as our Event Operations Director.

Julian Cordle

Position: West Coast Event Operations
Location: Medford, OR

Since the first time Julian saw early versions of RacerConnect, he knew he wanted to be involved in helping bring this revolutionary technology to as many racers as possible.

Brittany Berndt

Position: Trackside Correspondent
Location: Atlanta, GA

Launching a new phase of her career Ms Brittany Berndt has joined the Racer Connect team as our official Spokemodel and Trackside Correspondent.

Mike Holland

Position: Mid-West Event Operations
Location: Columbus, OH

Michael served nearly a decade in the automotive industry as Director of Fixed Operations for a multi-unit dealership organization, during which time he turned his passion for racing and performance “hobby” into a 3 year odyssey working evenings, and eventually full time, as a technician at a rotary engine specialty race shop.