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1997 VD Honda Formula F With Trailer, Spares, and Tools

1997 Vd Honda Formula F With Trailer, Spares, And Tools
Home  » Road Race Cars  » SCCA SOLD – 1997 VD Honda Formula F With Trailer, Spares, and Tools Posted Feb 10, 2015 | Hits: 3032 | Stock No: #0600 $35,000.00 Ad Details Ad Type: For Sale Country: USA Region: VA […]

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SOLD – 1997 VD Honda Formula F With Trailer, Spares, and Tools

Posted Feb 10, 2015 | Hits: 3032 | Stock No: #0600


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Report AdPrintAdd to favoritesRemove FavoriteAdd to CompareRemove compare1997 VD Honda Formula F With Trailer, Spares, and Tools1997 VD Honda Formula F With Trailer, Spares, and Tools1997 VD Honda Formula F With Trailer, Spares, and Tools1997 VD Honda Formula F With Trailer, Spares, and Tools1997 VD Honda Formula F With Trailer, Spares, and Tools

Ad Type: For Sale

Country: USA

Region: VA

City: Sterling

Zip: 20164

Year: 1997

Vehicle Make: Van Diemen

Vehicle Model: RF97k


Mileage: 1500

Hours on Chassis: N/A

Hours on Engine: Unknown

Transmission: Manual

Fuel Type: Pump Gasoline: 87-93 Octane

Spares List: See Above

Types of Payments Accepted:


Are you willing to accept trades?: No


Selling my 1997 VD Honda Powered FF. I converted the car from an FC to a FF and documented the process in my blog which can be found at rayphillips.blogspot.com. There aren’t many cars that you can buy where you can see the entire build process! Plus I posted about some of my experiences with the car. I may not stop racing altogether but I’m not interested in being an owner and performing all the maintenance on the car anymore so I’m listing almost everything as a package deal. The perfect buyer is someone who is looking to get into a FF from scratch or from another car class/series. If I can’t find a buyer for the package then I will sell everything piecemeal but I definitely won’t sell the trailer separately unless the buyer doesn’t want it. A few pictures are shown below in the ad but a complete set of pictures can be found at http://s1200.photobucket.com/user/rphillips555/library/RF97VD%20Things%20To%20Sell

The frame of the car was modified by Eric Langbein to accept the Honda engine. The engine has 1,646 miles. Has Penske 3 way adjustable shocks. Ceramic coated exhaust. Has ICP 20 calipers on the front and aluminum LD19 calipers on the rear. The fuel cell has a surge tank to prevent air from getting sucked into the fuel pump when it gets low on fuel. It has a LD200 transmission. The airscoop was custom made by me (the third iteration) and the data shows that it works really well which has recently been substantiated by an independent test on a flow bench. Here is a listing of what comes with the car:

AIM EV04 Data System with two front wheel speed sensors, front and rear brake pressure sensors, steering sensor, 4 shock sensors using pots that I made, fuel temp, all of the data that you get from having the Honda ECU with the optional harness such as throttle, oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, etc. Plus I will throw in all of the Math Channels and User Profiles that were developed by me and John Block.

More than just one complete set of A-Arms and pushrods: LF: 1 lower, 2 upper, RF: 2 lower, 1 upper LR: 1 lower, 2 upper, RR: 1 lower, 2 upper Other: 5 front push rods, 6 rear push rods, 4 rear toe links, 1 front toe link, 1 rear sway bar link, 1 axle, 2 rear suspension mounting brackets, 4 rear braces for the rear bracket

14 Panasport Ultralight Wheels.

Mounted Tires (kept in bags in the basement): 2 front 3 heat cycle 45Bs, 1 set of 1 heat cycle 35As

Unmounted Tires (kept in bags in the basement): 1 rear 7 heat cycle 45B, 1 rear 6 heat cycle 45B, 1 rear 3 heat cycle F1600 (same construction as 45Bs), 2 Front 3 heat cycle 45Bs

1 spare nose
2 crush boxes
1 set of paddock wheels
1 Longacre Setup Pad
Intercomp 10 X 10 Scales (Note: the setup pad is made for 15” scales but I was able to make these work)
2 uprights – 1 universal and 1 with a hub but both need bearings
2 upright studs for bottom of upright
Misc. upright hardware
2 tripod bearings
Various aluminum upright/suspension mounting blocks
Front and rear camber shims
2 axle boots
1 axle plunger
2 sets of Hawk Blue brake pads (Front & Rear)
2 sets of KFP Purple pads (Front & Rear)
Brake Pad Shims for front ICP Calipers
27 gear sets with 5 dog rings
Gear changing tray
2 5 gallon fuel jugs with funnel
1 fuel sampling hose
1 Nitrogen bottle, regulator, hose, shock pressure tool
1 set of small stands
1 set of large stands
1 bump steer gauge
3 master cylinders
1 used mirror
1 used spare radiator
1 new fuel pump
1 spare custom centerlock wheel cone with nut (wheel cones on car had to be specially made for Panasport wheels)
1 cone air filter from HPD
1 quick lift
Toe bars
1 ART digital ride height gauge
1 trammel bar

1 overheated engine that needs head repair or replacement. Unfortunately I had a water line come off and the head got warped. But it looks like the head can be milled and if not it can be replaced. My plan was to eventually buy the necessary parts from HPD and give it to Quicksilver so that they could blueprint it and make it a complete engine again. It does come with all the parts that ended up being duplicate after a bought the engine in the car – such as a starter, fuel injectors, spark plugs, etc. The engine has about 1,200 miles on it.

1 1997 20 ft Timberline trailer with a work bench, cabinets, and mounting brackets. 2 folding tire racks. I replaced the floor due to it having water damage and covered it with Herculiner truck bed liner – no slip in the rain and when oil gets spilled. I sealed the roof to prevent water from getting in. I’ll include the halogen flood lights as well.

The only thing this car needs is new belts. Radios have been removed but they certainly aren’t needed.

Asking $35k. Email me at fvee5 at Hotmail.com with offers or questions.



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