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1970 Lotus Europa S2

Home  » Road Race Cars  » Vintage-Classics (25+ years old) Posted Sep 22, 2015 | Hits: 2614 | Stock No: #1275 $12,500.00 Ad Details Ad Type: For Sale Country: USA Region: VA City: Leesburg Are you willing to accept trades?: No […]

Home  » Road Race Cars  » Vintage-Classics (25+ years old)

Posted Sep 22, 2015 | Hits: 2614 | Stock No: #1275


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Report AdPrintAdd to favoritesRemove FavoriteAdd to CompareRemove compare1970 Lotus Europa S2

Ad Type: For Sale

Country: USA

Region: VA

City: Leesburg

Are you willing to accept trades?: No

1970 Lotus Europa S2.

Street or Track.

This Lotus was ordered directly from, and picked up at Lotus in Norwich, East Anglia, UK in June of 1970. I believe the buyer was an American serviceman stationed in England. He drove it to Heathrow, and had it transported to JFK in New York. From there, he drove it to Malibu, CA, until moving (and driving the car) to Dallas, TX in 1983. During his ownership, he changed the wheels, removed the front and rear chrome bumpers, as well as the driving lights below the front bumper. He lowered the front an inch and a half, and raised the rear an inch. The rear shocks were repositioned on the cross member, and the stub axle bearings were converted to standard US sizes from the factory metric. He fitted it with a header, and free flow exhaust, installed Weber carbs, as well as installing air conditioning. He modified the interior to include racing seats with 4-point harnesses, a custom made dash facia with Jaguar rocker switches, and the inside door panels are modified with MGB door handles. The carpet will need attention if the car is intended to be used as a street vehicle, but should not be a problem is used for the track.

He sold the car in 2007 (after having owned it for 37 years!) to a car dealer outside of Dallas, from whom it was purchased by Oliver Kuttner, a Lynchburg, VA entreprenuer and motorsports enthusiast. Mr. Kuttner was founder of the Edison2 team that developed the VLC (Very Light Car), winner of $5 million in the 2010 Automotive X Prize competition for designing a producing a vehicle that achieved a fuel economy of 102.5 mpg. (Google it, it’s very interesting) As I understand the story, Mr. Kuttner bought the Lotus and began modifications (including a custom fiberglass “driver’s seat” that has been molded into the body of the car, designed and contoured to accommodate a large driver) with the intent to race it, then got consumed by the X Prize competition. By the time the contest was over, and he and his team were $5 million richer, he had lost interest in the Europa, and jumped straight into Ferraris.

A friend of mine, who knows Mr. Kuttner bought the Europa from him and parked it in his barn where it sat collecting pigeon droppings for several years before I bought it from him.

I cleaned up the poop, flushed the old gas, went through the brakes, and now have it running and stopping like it should.

The paint is a good 10 footer, with stress cracks and blistering only visible on close inspection.

The odometer shows 87,500 miles. The car is still Texas titled in the original owners name.

The car comes with a box full of literature including history, shop manuals, and parts resources.

Asking $12,500.

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