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FS: 1997 Mazda Miata – Track and Street Ready

Ad Type: For Sale Country: USA Are you willing to accept trades?: Yes If yes, list items:: S2000 Mileage: 110k on chassis, although likely inaccurate (See title), 55k on the motor/trans/differential VIN: JM1NA3533V0733688 Title: Rebuilt – Nothing cosmetic or mechanical […]
Ad Type: For Sale
Country: USA
Are you willing to accept trades?: Yes
If yes, list items:: S2000

Mileage: 110k on chassis, although likely inaccurate (See title), 55k on the motor/trans/differential
VIN: JM1NA3533V0733688
Title: Rebuilt – Nothing cosmetic or mechanical – it was an altered Odometer reading – Feel free to look it up.
Asking Price – $9000 OBO or trade for an AP1/AP2 S2000

Testing the waters for my 1997 Mazda Miata.

Not entirely sure why I’m doing this…perhaps it’s just because I’ve been itching for an S2000 for the past few years and I’m thinking now might be a good time to make the switch, although I know for a fact I’ll truly miss this thing if it actually ends up selling. With that being said, I’m in no hurry to sell the car. I’ve put the past 3 years of blood and sweat into this car. I purchased it bone stock in 2012 and have since built it into a turn-key streetable track car that will drive you to the track, allow you to beat the piss out of it all day, and still get you 30mpg on the ride back home. Yes, the car is driven hard, but it was built and maintained meticulously with reliability in mind. There were no short-cuts taken in putting it together and is 100% reliable to take whatever you throw at it. There’s an estimated $17k worth of parts that will come with it that don’t include the car itself. I’m in absolutely no hurry to sell, and will continue to drive the car to the beach and around the city throughout the summer as well as on the track. I can provide some digital paypal receipts for most of the parts upon request, and there are tons of pictures that document the actual rebuild of the car since I blew the original motor in 2013. Although looks may say otherwise, the car is purpose built, so it is not in show-car condition and was never meant to be. It does have its set of random dings and scratches, but is regularly washed, clayed and waxed, and polished as needed (I used to be a detailer). It is also garaged the car the entire time I’ve had it. It still comes with a full interior.

The car has had a lifetime alignment package at firestone in my possession, and I usually end up getting it realigned before every event. Once the original motor blew, I did tons of research end decided to keep the build naturally aspirated, following the proven formula that 949racing consistently recommends for maximum power with responsiveness and track reliability at the center of its core. As a result, it put out 130whp/115wtq naturally aspirated with extremely fast revs and responsiveness thanks to the 4:3 rear end and lightweight clutch and flywheel – both of which are the smaller diameter 1.6L versions for even lighter rotational mass. I have consistently had people come up and ask me to see under the hood – those who have heard it can testify that it doesn’t even sound like a Miata anymore. The rare and discontinued RS*R Ex-Mag GT2 also contributes to the unique exhaust tone it puts out.

CONS: The car has no AC but is tolerable thanks to the Project-G Vented Side mirrors. It also has no power steering, but provides great input and steering feel due to the rack being properly depowered with a welded pinion shaft. Apart from that, it has a dent in the rear finish panel support, a dent in the left lower rocker, some little rust areas by the rocker panels, along with a few dents and scratches here and there.

No test rides unless you have cash in hand or an S2000 with you. Don’t like the price? Find yourself a miata and take the time to rebuild it to these same specifications and see if you can do it for cheaper. Don’t waste my time. As I said before, I’m in no hurry to sell the car and will gladly keep it for the rest of its life if I don’t get anywhere near the price I have in mind.


Engine – $4515
Motor off a 1999 NB Miata – 50k on the clock, saw and drove car before motor was pulled. 180 psi dry across all four cylinders ($1000)
EUDM Squaretop Intake Manifold ($400)
Hondata Intake Maniold Gasket ($50)
Mazdaspeed Miata BP5A Intake Camshaft ($270)
NGK BKR7E-11 Spark Plugs ($15)
K&N; 69-6000TP Short Ram Intake ($200)
Racing Beat 4-1 Header ($440) with heat wrap ($50)
Test Pipe ($40)
Discontinued RS*R Exmag GT-II Catback Exhaust ($700)
Racing Beat Powerpulse Exhaust with Resonated Midpipe ($450)
MSPNP Version 1.3 ($500)
Professionally dyno tuned by Mikey at Profunction ($200)
Mazdaspeed Miata Motor Mounts ($60)
Oil Catch Can ($40)
MAF Delete – Runs off IAT/MAP sensor with speed density
Tuned on 93 Octane – 130whp/115wtq

Transmission – $1870
NB 5-speed transmission ($200)
Exedy Stage 1 Clutch (1.6 version) – ($220)
XTD 8 lb flywheel (1.6 version) ($200)
949 Racing Clutch line – ($30)
New Master and slave cylinders – NAPA ($200)
Torsen Type II Differential (4:3 Ratio) – ($700)
Garagestar Delrin Differential Mounts ($50)

Electronics – $155
Kenwood Headunit ($30)
Polk Audio DB6501 Speakers ($50)
Kenwood AMP ($75)

Suspension – $3620
949 XIDA AST Coilover suspension (700/400) with secondary helper springs and billet upper mounts – ($2500)
Racing Beat tubular front swaybar -($170)
949 Racing front adjustable endlinks ($70)
Mazdaspeed Miata Rear swaybar ($210)
949 Race alignment ($200)
Properly Depowered Steering Rack with Polyurethane Bushings ($200)
Boundary Engineering Solid Frame Rail Reinforcements ($150)
93’ LE tie rod ends – ($120)

Wheels/Tires: $600
949 Racing 6UL (3rd Gen – Bronze) – 15×9
BFGoodrich Rivals 225/45/15

Safety – $2200
Harddog Hardcore Single Diagonal Rollbar ($400)
Willans 6 point harness (Driver) ($200)
Sparco 6-point harness (Passenger) ($100)
Recaro Profi SPG – Authentic (Driver and Passenger) ($1200)
PCI V2 Brackets ($300)

Interior – $848
Momo Prototipo 350mm Steering Wheel ($200)
NRG Quick Release V1 ($90)
NRG Short Hub ($75)
Wink 5-panel Rearview Mirror ($25)
90-93 Seatbelt connector (Long Version) ($20)
Ralco-RZ Short Throw Shifter ($70)
Ebay Shifter Extension ($8)
Revlimiter Gauges and Trim ring ($150)
Revlimiter Door straps (Black with white stitching) ($50)
Project-G Shift boot (Black with white stitching) – ($50)
Tounneau Cover Modified to fit rollbar – ($60)
Garagestar Stainless Steel Shift Knob – ($50)

Exterior – $1995
R-Package front and rear lip ($120)
R-Package Rear Wing
Garagestar Rocker Panel Stripes ($105)
Jass performance Low Profile Headlight Kit ($440)
Runabout Side Mirrors ($220)
OEM Hardtop ($500)
Garagestar License Plate Bracket – ($50)
Robbins Vinyl Soft-Top – Great condition, no rips
Project-G Bikini Top ($400 with used front bow)
Engine Valvecover Powdercoated Wrinkle Red with brushed lettering ($80)
Project-G Vent Wing windows – ($80)

Brakes – $490
Centric Blanks (Front and Rear Rotors) – ($100)
Hawk DTC-60 Race Pads Front, Hawk DTC-30 Rear ($200)
Garagestar Master Cylinder Brace ($90)
949Racing Stainless steel brake lines ($100)

Cooling – $300
Mishimoto 37mm stainless steel radiator ($250)
Slim Fans – Ebay ($50)

Harbor Freight Trailer ($350)
CURT Trailer Hitch with attachment ($200)
GV Lip (Polyurethane) – ($50)
GV Porter Cab Tail lights ($100)
TONS of Spare Sensors, intake manifolds, sparkplug wires, throttle bodies, coilpacks, rotors

Engine – AMSOIL XL 5W-30
Transmission – AMSOIL 75w90
Diff – AMSOIL 75w90
Brake and clutch fluid – ATE TYP-200
Coolant: 70% Water, 30% coolant, couple capfuls of waterwetter

Dyno Video: